Lifesavers Story

Wrote this story back in 2010 for a class I was taking. The story had to involve Lifesavers candy. I was/have been heavily influenced by the film Donnie Darko, and also many fantastica short stories that are similar to it. I only say this because the story is in that sort of style. Anyways, I really like this story so I wanted to repost it from my old wordpress blog to tumblr. Here it is…

[I encourage you to listen to John Brion-Spotless Mind on repeat while you read]

Now that you’re ready…here we go:

There’s a guy. He’s about 20 years old and fresh into a lifestyle as a college student. He is somewhat of a recluse and very much an introvert. His days are usually uneventful and he is definitely not happy about it. One day, as he’s walking home from class, a flyer is given to him. It reads, “Rave of the Year! Must ‘pop’ to get in.” He doesn’t think too much of it at the moment, but then he looks up, and pans around the campus quickly at what looks like every single person being filled with excitement about the rave.

He smiles. Now he knows this is his chance to make his uneventful life a little more…well…eventful.

He continues home, puts his books down on his wooden corner desk, plops onto his velvet computer chair, and starts debating whether it’s a good idea or not to attend the rave.

He had heard of ‘popping’ before, but never knew exactly what it was about.

After a few minutes of pondering, he has a quick flashback of what he has been doing the past few nights. He doesn’t like what he sees. He shakes his head to get out of the horrific flashback that serves as his motivator to get out of the old house and do something adventurous. Something he couldn’t do anymore.

He arrives at the club that the rave is at. He sees a long line stretched as far down the street as he could get a view of. It looks as if it’s infinite, even.

He catches glimpses of the bouncers at the door. They are stopping everyone, one-by-one, and making them “pop” before they get in (just as the flyer said would happen). He sees one bouncer insert a small, round object onto the tongue of a woman trying to get in. She steps past the bouncer, and almost looks as if she floats away.

The boy gets even more nervous now as he waits in line. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT GIRL? he asks himself.

He nears the front. It’s almost his turn with the bouncers. Closer and closer.

He reaches the front, and the large bouncer yells, “Open up to pop.” The boy proceeds to do so. Mouth open, tongue stretched out. The round object gets placed gently onto his tongue, and his mouth elegantly closes. He walks past the bouncer. Alive, again.

He then goes into a state of tranquility. Closing his eyes, he has no realization that he is even moving forward.

Finally he opens his eyes and starts to hear the loud echoing of the bass blaring from the monstrous speakers and subs in the club. It’s a familiar song. But he can’t totally make it out. Either way, it is peaceful despite the decibal level.

He pans around the room to find that everyone is floating. Not a single person feeling the effects of gravity. The faces seem like pictures, though. Maybe ones you would find in an old album stashed away in a trunk at your parents house.

He closes his eyes again. And smiles. The round object is still in his mouth. It has not fully melted yet which is the reason he can still be pulled away from this state of tranquility. He is still conscious of most things, but a lot of it is slipping away as he goes into this relaxed state of nothingness.

The music grows louder. and louder. AND LOUDER. Until all other sounds are completely faded out.

The round object has fully melted. He can no longer reach a conscious state. He is in pure tranquility. Everything is right in his mind. No worries, doubts, stresses, anxiety. None of it exists in his world anymore.

The music cuts, abruptly.

He opens his eyes.

And falls to the ground like a ton of bricks.

(cut to him waking up)

Suddenly he’s laying in the hospital. He’s 82 years old. He’s in the ICU–where the sick go to die.

He looks down at his hand.

A roll of lifesavers–minus one. A sweet, sweet taste in his mouth suddenly manifests. He knows it’s time.

He smiles…then closes his eyes again.

And passes away.